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Modular construction has become the construction method of choice for the quality conscious and cost conscious house buyer. The best-built modular homes are not just as good as the vast majority of site built homes, they are better built. The advantages are many, from better materials, to state-of-the-art construction technology, to superior finished quality, to saved time and money. And the Customer gains all of these things without sacrificing amenities.

Construction Time

Typically, modular homes are delivered to the site in 8 to 10 weeks, and they are ready to move into in another 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the size of the home and amount of required on-site finish. This means that the Customer can usually move into his or her home in about 3-5 months. Today, it is fairly common for an anxious buyer to wait 6 months to a year for a site built house.

Fewer Variables

Even the most efficient stick builder is significantly limited by a 3 to 5 man crew, which must travel from job to job, rather than the modular manufacturer’s 150-man crew, which always works at the same location. Furthermore, delays due to material back orders, no-show subcontractors, poor weather, etc. make it hard even for the most conscientious stick builder to keep the Customer on schedule.

This often presents a serious problem, especially to a buyer who has already sold his or her old house and is pressured for early occupancy by the new buyers. Absorbing the costs of a motel or a rental property or coping with the stress of a few months in a relative’s home is something most people prefer to avoid.

Quality of Construction

Modular housing offers many advantages over traditional building techniques. One of the most important advantages is the high level of quality assured by modular construction. The precision construction and effective process control during factory construction results in a better built home.

We are proud to be using Professional Building Systems (PBS) and Excel Homes Inc. who are the top modular home builder in the country dedicated to custom building your home.  Professional Building Systems (PBS) and Excel Homes are recognized for their quality, utilizing the top brands, flexibility in design, and abundant choices in options and upgrades at the best prices! Using a unique process called off-site residential construction; they are able to offer an unparalleled combination of quality and value. They bring the building of all the critical structural components indoors. No longer do homes have to be built in the rain and the mud. Their craftsmen have built over 16,000 homes over the past 20 years. And every one of those homes was designed and customized for an individual home buyer.

Structural Strength

Because modular homes have to be shipped over the road, they are built stronger than more conventionally built homes. Major components, such as walls, floors, and ceilings, are not only nailed together but often screwed and lag bolted together also, and they are bonded with a special adhesive. This double fastening enables modular homes to be sturdy enough to withstand miles of travel, something no site built house could survive without serious structural damage. Another advantage of using adhesive to secure walls and ceilings is that they are less likely to be plagued by annoying nail pops.

Lower Price

The purchase price of a modular home is less than that of a conventionally built home because the factory is able to reduce its costs. The savings come from volume purchases of materials directly from the manufacturer (eliminating middleman markups), lower assembly line wages, and a reduction in lost and damaged materials caused by on-site weather conditions, pilferage, and vandalism. Imagine what an automobile would cost if it were built from scratch in a mechanic’s garage. The only way a stick builder can match the cost of a modular home is by building with less expensive, inferior materials, by employing unskilled labor, or by paying for fewer man-hours. This of course results in poorer construction, craftsmanship, and service.

The Latest Customer Feedback

Colonial, Lunenburg, MA
-January 7, 2017

"What a great home for my husband and our children, it was a great building experience! All went very well in the process of building our home. The workers were gentlemen, the timing was perfect and we got what we expected and more. Thank you so much! Amy"

Colonial in Arlington, Mass. 

- January 7, 2016

Thank you for working so hard to get us into the house before the baby was due! We sincerely appreciate all your effort. It was a pleasure working with you. We will certainly be recommending you to our friends.

Sincerely, Debbie & Jaison

Colonial modular home - Londonderry, NH
- January 7, 2016

I was talking to someone I work with about modular homes. She is interested in building one so I gave her your cell number and recommended you as a very trustworthy builder. Good luck.


Hong, Newton, Mass - large executive modular home - January 7, 2016

​Chikang and I really enjoy the new house.

Thank you and your wife for making our dream come true.


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